Crazy stuff in this week’s Fish Biz Podcast from Karate black belts taking on a product pirate to boobs on display in the New Product Showcase at ICAST and much, much more. Lots of great lessons in this episode to help you grow your fishing industry business.

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Big drama on the show floor as a level ten black belt in karate goes after someone stealing his intellectual property. Crazy stuff! How are you protecting your intellectual property? We take a dive into patents and other creative ways to protect your IP and make sure you don’t get ripped off and discuss how the industry should manage this problem.

But first…Are we going to make it? How nearly running out of gas on the way to ICAST is just like cash flow management. Even has video of the moment of truth.

Optimizing your time at trade shows to maximize your prospecting efforts.

More controversy in the New Product Showcase. Why are children voting in the new product showcase?

Cannibals – Big brands that are screwing up in the ICAST New Product Showcase and how you can use better strategies to beat them.

Boobs on the show floor? – Crazy new products and whether they are worth the effort from a business perspective. Including a new brand where boobs play are upfront and center.

Why you should be giving away your product and how one exhibitor did it for the big show win.
Bring me a bucket!  How a bucket caused a huge stir at ICAST and another bucket got Keith all riled up.

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