Tips and strategies to help you prepare for any trade show with a few deep dives on ICAST.

What we cover in part 1 of our trade show strategies and planning for the sport fishing / recreational fishing industry:

  • The different types of trade shows and how they fit into your strategy and how to prepare for them. How to decide what shows to attend. Industry shows like ICAST, distributor shows, vertical shows, consumer shows, and much more. We talk about the difference audiences for each show type and how to handle those audiences. (1:18)
  • Even if not ready, why you may want to attend trade shows anyway to learn more, strengthen your marketing, and make great connections in the industry.
  • How to run your business entirely by attending consumer shows. (7:22)
  • Booth selection – How to be sure you get the best location in the show and what are the best locations for maximum exposure with attendees. Secret tactics that seem counter-intuitive, but can lead to more sales and exposure on the trade show floor. (10:59)
  • Booth size – Does size matter? How to decide what size booth to buy. Location strategies and why a larger booth may be better in certain locations by default. (14:20)
  • Design and how to make sure your booth looks great. Dos and don’t of signage and design. Branding is critical. Make sure you’ve listened to our logo and branding podcast in episode 1 of the Fish Biz Podcast. Tactical strategies for getting attention. (15:33)
  • Whether to partner with others for booth space rather than have your own. What shows allowed. Consumer show partnering. (19:23)
  • What to do when you go to learn and network. Brand observations, networking, and other strategies. (20:45)
  • How Doomsday Tackle hit the nail on the head for branding and trade shows with a new brand. Fantastic example or doing much much more with less when it comes to brand and marketing presence at a trade show. How to make your booth feel full and have a great presence. More on why the strong brand and professional are so important. (22:38)
  • Booth options in terms of what you use for display. What is your budget and what can you use. Turnkey to custom trade show booth options. (26:50)
  • What to expect in terms of facility labor and other expenses for your trade show. The booth charge is often half of all charges you are required to pay. Be very careful with your budget. Consider shipping, delivery timing, etc. Managing logistics (28:40)
  • Why you MUST buy the badge scanner at any show you attend. It is a critical part of your sales and marketing. (30:52)
  • In booth business development / sales strategies. How to maximize your time and interaction with the right people. How to identify the right people before you start talking to them. Allot your time to the right people at the right time. (33:08)
  • Prepare everything you need and prepare what you will be doing. (34:44)
  • The secret strategy to get more buyers into your booth and the psychological method for getting them coming to you.(35:19)

More to come on trade shows in our next episode.

*** Please excuse the bad sound quality on Brad’s Mic. Had a bit of an issue and will be resolved after part 2 of the trade show podcasts. 

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