Business Operations & Data Management System

Let’s face the facts. All businesses have challenges and all business executives share some common problems. Whether you are the CEO of a well established company or you are the Founder of a super lean startup, you have the same desire and need to save time and maximize productivity. The fact is, nothing sucks time and productivity like trying to manage business operations and analyze data that is coming from multiple sources and platforms. That’s a major issue for our clients so we started looking for solutions. After an exhaustive search to find a platform that had all of the business operations and data management and productivity tools needed to manage wholesale and retail ordering, inventory, commission tracking, invoicing, sales reps, order processing and fulfillment, we went to work and developed a super powerful and easy to use data management platform that we aptly named TOTAL BUSINESS .

TOTAL BUSINESS is a business operations and data management system that help businesses maximize productivity by consolidating frequently used tools and data reports into one very powerful and easy to use system. TOTAL BUSINESS integrates, your wholesale and retail e-commerce ordering systems with product and inventory management, shipping and fulfillment tools, customer relations management (CRM), sales rep and affiliate management, sales tracking, commission reporting, marketing automation and other valuable tools into a WordPress content management system (CMS).

Save time and eliminate the hassles and headaches of trying to manage your business operations with tools and data scattered across multiple platforms and start maximizing your productivity with TOTAL BUSINESS – The Business Operations & Data Management System from Mark 5 Strategies.

If you would like to consolidate your business operations, data management and reporting tools, Mark 5’s Total Business Platform offers a customizable solution that is going to eliminate headaches and free up a significant amount of your time. To learn more and get a quote on a customized site or to integrate Total Business into an existing WordPress theme fill out the online web assessment form, and a member of our team will contact you. Click here to fill out the form.

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