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Successfully Launching and Growing Outdoor Products and Brands


The Business of Fishing Podcast

Learn how to grow your business from fishing industry experts who have tested, validated or exhausted more business development and marketing tactics than you can catch in a cast net.

In each Podcast we provide insights and knowledge that will help you succeed. Featured guests include fishing industry insiders and business leaders who share their perspectives and approaches for tackling the challenges and succeeding in the recreational fishing industry.


Nurture Your Ecosystem to Boost Sales

Whether you are a small fledgling brand, a medium sized company or a large heritage brand you have sales expectations and goals. Unless...

Episode 008 – Shipping and Fulfillment Done Right

Warehousing your products and getting them to your distributors, dealers and end customers can present a minefield of challenges that need...

Episode 007 – ICAST Controversies, How to Protect Your Patent, Crazy Products, and more

Crazy stuff in this week's Fish Biz Podcast from Karate black belts taking on a product pirate to boobs on display in the New Product...

Episode 006 – The 23 Commandments of Trade Show Success

This is a long one, but it is filled with gold. We cover so many amazing ways to make sure your trade show strategies are a huge success....

Episode 005 – How To Win ICAST’s New Product Showcase

What do you need to do to win the ICAST New Product Showcase in your category? This podcast tells you the inside...

Episode 004 – Successful Trade Show Strategies and Planning – Part 2

This is Part 2 of our Trade Show series and it is a good one. When you are meeting with potential buyers of your...

Episode 003 – Successful Trade Show Strategies and Planning – Part 1

Tips and strategies to help you prepare for any trade show with a few deep dives on ICAST. What we cover in part 1 of our...

Episode 002 – How To Design Winning Packaging and Displays For Your Product

  In the Fish Biz podcast episode 001, we covered logo and branding design plans for your sportfishing product, but now...

Fish Biz Episode 001 – How to Create Your Brand and Logos and Make Them Work For You

Great branding and impactful logos don't happen by accident and the image you create for your brand shouldn't come from your "friend who...

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Get the business, product and marketing guidance and solutions you need to succeed. We use proven methodologies and powerful testing and development strategies to help you grow.



Our team includes web designers, social media influencers, video production pros and event activation specialists who live for creating engaging content and meaningful impressions.


We’ll help you maximize existing channels and identify new ones with domestic and international sales and distribution solutions and partnerships that help you increase reach and revenue.


Cost effective solutions for a range of digital marketing services including social media management, SEO services, Google AdWords management, website development and more.


What is your strategy for a new brand or product launch? Do you have the expertise or personnel you need to succeed?

When our team becomes your team you get seasoned experts with a wealth of business development, marketing, production, sales, distribution and media experience with skills honed over decades of working in various facets of the industry.  What you wont get is the expense or hassle of hiring and training new employees.

Keith Alan

Managing Partner

A lifelong passion for the outdoors and a 25+ year career in media production has helped Keith Alan establish himself as one of the premiere hosts and content creators in outdoor lifestyle sports. As Host of the Bassmaster Elite Series, X Games and other world class events Keith became a master at engaging mass audiences. As a marketing and business strategist, Keith brings biz dev, product development, operations and logistics expertise to his clients, helping to train and prepare them to launch, run and grow their own brands.  more

Brad Nickel

Managing Partner

Brad has 25 years experience marketing products across both consumer and B2B markets. He has extensive expertise in technology development, business development and digital marketing.  He has built and trained sales and channel teams in multiple companies and helped a number of startups navigate their way to and through successful launches. Brad excels at helping companies position their products in the market, while implementing cutting edge digital and offline tactics to help them gain the most revenue for their marketing spend. more

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